Business Improvement

Dramatically improve financial and operational performance and profitability by:

  • Improving, developing or standardising operations, systems & procedures
  • Enhance business strategies
  • Performance management and reporting systems
  • Effective planning, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management
  • Turn around strategy

IT Systems

Information Technology (IT) is critical to the operations and competitiveness of organisations. IT is not merely a cost but a critical contributor to the business, focused on improving business value and performance.

Select, design & implement ERP, Financial and other IT systems, or evaluate and enhance the use of your current system. We are Pastel and Pastel Payroll resellers and can provide assistance on most of the problems or issues you might encounter.

Application Performance

After gaining a full understanding of your key business processes we review your applications in use, with regards to its applicability, effectiveness, ease of use, availability of information, security and control, costs and quality and provide you with the means to make improvements.

Application Replacement/Re-implementation/New implementation

Many businesses underestimate the importance of ensuring that the IT system to be implemented is a perfect fit to the business and will provide you with the benefits anticipated. The gap between what you think you are getting and what the system provider is firstly selling you and secondly providing you can and normally are wide.

Optimising return on assets

Identifying cost saving opportunities and implementing cost saving initiatives;

Reduce working capital and implementing initiatives to reduce working capital. (Debtors, inventory, creditors, etc.)

Business set-up, registrations & Secretarial work

We can register new CC’s or companies with CIPC and do the required registrations with SARS, WCA, UIF, DOL, etc. and help you set up your systems to ensure a smooth running of your business. We also handle all secretarial requirements.

  • Registration of new Pty’s at CIPC or purchase of shell entities.
  • Handle all registrations as required by the various statutes.
  • Help you set up your systems & procedures.
  • Handle all secretarial work (minutes, registers, etc.)
  • Business structures, planning, etc.
  • We guide and assist with setting up trusts.

General Consulting

Business Performance Management & Improvement

We assist organizations to dramatically improve their performance as an integrated and effective unit, at very affordable cost to the business.

Business Performance Services

  • Improving and standardising operational & administrative procedures and processes,
  • Developing and applying business strategies to improve financial and operational performance,
  • Designing and establishing performance management and reporting systems,
  • Establishing more effective approaches to planning, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management,
  • Dealing with business change management and the people issues which arise from it
  • Improving the efficiency of the supply chain
  • Driving value and helping optimise capital and cost structures thus building a healthier balance sheet.

Our Approach

  • Understanding the business profit & cost generating processes
  • Comprehensive analysis of the balance sheet and income statement
  • Defining the key processes where value can be added
  • Defining initiatives or process changes
  • Implementing a programme of changes
  • Measuring business performance against agreed outcomes

What benefits will you receive

  • Improvement in the efficiency of processes
  • Improvement in effectiveness and efficiency of systems
  • Staff that’s better equipped to perform optimally
  • Cost reductions
  • Optimising the return on assets
  • Optimising the cash flow
  • Optimising the growth strategy and process
  • Optimising risk management
  • Increased profits

Processes and systems that are synchronised with your business strategy