You may need us

  • SME’s: your employees may be financially vulnerable. See our unique, inexpensive, flexible and hassle free benefit package for valued staff
  • Plan for your retirement
  • Create wealth
  • Protect your ability to earn an income
  • Leave good memories, should you die
  • Review your insurance costs confidentially
  • Plan your estate/will
  • A Will for your business
  • Financial coaching
  • Retire with peace of mind
  • Call for action …

How do we work?

  • We find the facts, hear the story;
  • Annalise financial needs;
  • Make recommendations;
  • Implement;
  • Review…. regularly.
  • We build long term relationships, one doesn’t fix financial affairs in one go.
  • To safeguard you and your investments we only use reputable service providers and provide the services of a reputable and experienced Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Small Enterprises

Your employees could be financially vulnerable if you are unable to offer them a pension / provident fund.
We have an inexpensive, hassle free package for your valued employees. It has the following amazing features:

  • Voluntary
  • No employer time is required
  • Affordable: R200+ per month
  • Simple, transparent and flexible
  • Tax free
  • An employer can choose to subsidise it from R100+ per month.

Add affordable protection for the events of:

  • Death
  • Disability for own occupation
  • Traumatic illness: catch-all
  • Incapacity
  • Retrenchment
  • Temporary disability.

Retirement planning

Should one wait to make a fortune? No – one has to start saving now: start small but start without delay.
As soon as one starts earning a steady income one start saving for retirement. Look at this tax bargain – you can save tax effectively up to 27.5% of your earnings (maximum R350 000 per annum). You will pay less tax and can reduce/increase payments.
You receive bonuses on your retirement annuity savings, your benefit can be enhanced by up to 110% when you retire.
We invest your retirement money with the best and most reputable investment managers. Your Retirement Annuity is safe with us. It is also protected by various laws and regulations and is safe from creditors.

Create wealth – we help you to save, save, save…and invest

As part of a holistic financial plan, to create wealth, one needs to put away additional money for the short, medium and long term – start now, start small, but start without delay.
This could be for an emergency fund; to buy a home; to pay for children’s education and above all to create flexible (non-contractual) savings to increase your financial manoeuvrability as you grow older and your most valuable financial buffer.
This can be done tax efficiently through tax free investments
You can invest for yourself, your child, your grandchild…
We have access to all the most reputable investment managers and portfolios.
We help you to construct a suitable investment strategy that will withstand the wiles of investment markets and that is appropriate for your particular needs/objectives; investment horizon and risk appetite.
We review your investments on a regular basis and give regular feedback.

Protect your ability to earn an income

You need to protect your most valuable asset – your ability to earn a living.
We assist you with lump sum and income insurance for the events of illness or disability. You are underwritten once and never have to inform the insurer of a change in lifestyle or occupation again.
For those who work, work, work we also offer sickness benefits for which only a doctor’s note is required to claim.

Leave good memories, should you die

We help to protect your loved ones. We ensure that you will leave good memories by having appropriate life cover, that your will is in order, that your minor children’s inheritance goes into trust and that the right person is appointed as guardian.

Review insurance costs confidentially

Many people are paying too much for their life insurances and often pay for bells and whistles that they don’t need – we review these for you confidentially.

Plan your estate and Will

We make sure that your loved ones can maintain their lifestyle in the event of your death; that children’s money will be managed by a competent person and that a suitable guardian is appointed.
We ensure that your Estate is sufficiently liquid and solvent; that reduced executor’s fees apply for life cover for any shortfalls.

A Will for your business

If you have your own business it also needs a “Will”. Who will inherit the business, can that person run it and who will inherit a partner’s share?
We ensure that you plan appropriately, that you can buy your partner’s share or replace a valuable employee in case of death or disability.

Financial coaching

We are here as a sounding board for financial choices that you are faced with.
We provide unbiased and professional financial coaching for you and / or your employees.

Retire with peace of mind

There are concerns internationally that many retirees will be outliving their pensions.
Retirees should not end up in a position where they ask “where has all my money gone?”
We help retirees to ensure that their money lasts and give them peace of mind.